Everything that you need to troubleshoot can be done from the new Control panel (very nice) and the classic Control Panel.

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Run & CMD Commands

Vista Error Code List

MSKB Errors

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Overview of Windows Vista

Windows Vista is here at last. One of the largest software projects ever undertaken, Vista is indisputably a milestone despite Microsoft's having abandoned many of its most ambitious goals for the OS and not just for Microsoft but for the entire PC industry.

Fastest Selling OS

Windows Vista® has become the fastest-selling operating system in history, with more than 100 million licenses sold. And counting. If you haven't tried Windows Vista yet, it’s time to give the operating system a look for yourself. Windows Vista is already delivering tangible benefits to customers.


For example, it can help enterprises better control costs and optimize their desktop infrastructures and help mid-sized businesses improve their security, mobility, and productivity.