Using your TV's remote you will need to select your HDMI port.

I connected the Roku cable to HDMI 1 on my TV. My TV remote had an "Input" button that when pressed a menu appeared on the TV (see screenshot). I scrolled down using my TV remote, selected HDMI 1 and pressed "Enter" on the TV remote. Then I  pressed OK on the Roku remote.

On another TV the remote had a HDMI button that I pressed and it went through all the available HDMI ports. I'm sure different models of TV's will have different ways to select the HDMI port. So you may have to press buttons to figure out which one works. This will need to be done on your TV before the Roku will work.

If you need screenshots on how to connect cable(s) to your TV from the Roku let me know at remove all 4s from email address before sending.

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