1. Status light: displays red when charging, green when
fully charged, blue when powering up, and orange
when a notification has arrived.

2. Light (RGB) Sensor: lets you use the ambient light level
to adjust the screen brightness/contrast. This sensor
decreases screen brightness in dim light.

3. External speaker: allows you to hear the caller.

4. Application icons: you can place shortcuts to your
favorite applications on the Home screen.

5. Primary shortcuts: allows quick access to important
features such as Phone, Contacts, Messaging, Internet,
and Apps. For more information, refer to “Primary
Shortcuts” on page 20.

6. Menu key: allows you to access sub-menus with
additional options for different features and
applications such as Home screen, Phone, Contacts,
Messaging, and Web.

7. Home key: allows you to return to the main Home
screen from any Home screen or menu. Press and hold
to display Recent apps, Task Manager, and Google
Search. Quickly press twice to activate the S Voice

8. Back key: allows you step backwards when navigating
a menu or web page.

9. Home screen indicator: shows which Home screen is
presently displayed.

10. Google Quick Search bar: a shortcut to Google Search
that allows you to search for items on the internet.

11. Weather widget: displays Time, Day, Date,
Temperature and weather conditions for your area.

12. Indicator icons: shows the information needed to
operate your phone, such as the received signal
strength, phone battery level, time, unread Emails,
missed calls, etc.

13. Front facing camera: allows you to take pictures of
yourself when you set the camera shooting mode to
Self shot.

14. Proximity and Light sensors: uses the ambient light
level to adjust keypad access. If the light path is
blocked, for example, when holding the phone close to
your ear, the touch screen will turn off.

Samsung Galaxy S 4 - OS 4.2.2

The image below is of the Samsung Galaxy s4. I don't have access to one of the phones but AT&T has some support pages that will help you with email and connectivity. Below are links to some of their tutorials. The image below will show you where you need to tap to begin their tutorials. Hope this is helpful to you.

Email - Personal - Corporate - Send & Receive - Options - Delete Account

Connectivity - Wi-Fi (turn on & off) - Cellular - Hotspot - Tethering - NFC -
Public & Private Hotspots- Mobile Hotspot - Bluetooth - Bluetooth Pairing

Other - Master Reset - Android Version - Text Messaging - Send a Text Message