Firefox 58.01 Browser -  The new Firefox. Fast for good. With 2x the speed, built-in privacy protection and Mozilla behind it, the new Firefox is the better way to browse. We make the internet safer, healthier and faster for good. Mozilla is the not-for-profit behind Firefox, the original alternative browser. We create products and policy to keep the internet in service of people, not profit.

Our impact

When you use Firefox, you help Mozilla fight misinformation online, teach digital skills and
make the comments section more human. Check out what helps create a healthier internet.

Our innovations

Using the web as the platform, we build open, innovative technologies that allow developers to
work free of closed, corporate ecosystems and create faster, safer web experiences for us all.

What’s new?

A powerful, new engine that’s built for rapidfire performance. Better, faster page loading that
uses less computer memory. Gorgeous design and smart features for intelligent browsing.

Now 2x faster

Crazy powerful browser engine? Check. Less time waiting around for pages to load?
Also, check. Firefox Quantum is twice as fast as Firefox was before.

30% lighter than Chrome

Less memory usage means more space for your computer to
keep running smoothly. Your other programs will thank you.

Smooth browsing

Whether you’ve opened 10 or 1000, switching between tabs is
faster than ever with Firefox’s new, responsive engine.

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